Competitive Strengths

Continuously thinking ahead and being ready for the next wave of technology is fundamental in Excelpoint. Empowering through our expertise, Excelpoint strives to be the leading Asian Gateway between our suppliers and customers. With a strong core in our distribution portfolio, together with our commitment to value-add and innovate, we have an edge over others. Our capabilities built over the years have propelled us towards excellence and allow us to embrace the future. With our aggregated efforts, we aim to build a sustainable supply chain of interactions and relationships by partnering major technology giants and incubating new innovations. We aim to deliver what we promised, and be the partner of choice in the new arena of technology.

  • Resilient standing in the industry

With a strong history of almost 30 years in the distribution of electronics components, Excelpoint has grown both in size and in strength. Over the years, with a highly experienced management team, competent in-house R&D teams and skilled engineers, our expertise and knowledge led us to become the region's leading total solutions provider. Coupled with a wide and diversified distribution network (suppliers & customers) in the Asia-pacific region, Excelpoint plays an integral role in our suppliers' and customers' business strategies, be it in the innovation of new technology, or to fulfil our part as a distributor.

  • High percentage of skilled engineering-trained workforce

Currently, 25% of our workforce of 600 over employees are engineering-trained. This allows us to provide professional technical advice to our customers and innovate new solutions using our suppliers' cutting-edge technology so as to provide a shorter time-to-market and cost effectiveness. Our R&D team members are focused on constant innovation into the next wave of IoT.

Pillars of Growth

With a strong team, we are now in the arena of the Internet of Things (IoT), especially in the segments of wireless communication, smart wearables and smart homes. The IoT has been a topic of great interest in recent years, and it will be a way to connect people and objects. Seeing the rise in the need for smart devices in the consumer, healthcare, automotive and industrial sectors, we have dedicated teams to grow these segments. Our R&D engineers have also been working on projects much earlier to fulfil our customers' requirements. Our product line portfolio has grown largely over the years to gear ourselves for this new wave of technology.

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With our expertise in our wireless solutions, Excelpoint is ready to contribute in the development of the IoT, and will continuously innovate new technology that can be a great value-add to our customers.

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