Corporate Social Responsibility

Extracted from Annual Report 2014

Year 2014 marks a significant milestone in Excelpoint's stride towards corporate sustainability.

In our strive towards being a responsible member of the society, the Group made a commitment to give back to the society by 'lending a helping hand to those in need'- our people, our communities and our environment. In the year 2014, the Group has embarked on a variety of collaborations and community activities both in Singapore, and in Hong Kong/ PRC.


  • Sponsoring the Excelpoint Bursary and the Excelpoint Resilient Awards, in collaboration with the Singapore Management University ("SMU"). Believing that students should not be denied of education due to financial difficulties, Excelpoint will sponsor S$52,000 annually for 5 years, from Year 2014-2018 for the Excelpoint Bursary Awards and the Excelpoint Resilient Awards. These 2 awards are presented to deserving students of the Singapore Management University. With rising school fees and tuition fees, the Group hopes to ease the financial burden of these students so they are able to focus on their studies.
  • Donation of S$3,000 to "The Straits Times Pocket Money Fund" to sponsor children from underprivileged families so they have a chance to head down to the Universal Studios Singapore for a fun day out on Children's Day (1 October 2014).
  • Donation of S$3,000 to 'All Saints Home' and volunteering at the home. We have donated a sum of money to an old-age home called 'All Saints Home', and we are in talks for a program line-up specially for Excelpoint employees to volunteer and play a part in.
  • Volunteering at Halogen Foundation for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship ("NFTE") Program to educate underprivileged children about entrepreneurship and leadership.

Hong Kong/ PRC

  • Donation to set up "Excelpoint Sowers Action Library" for Primary School Students in the Sowers Action Hope School in the rural area of Gansu Province.

    In hope to promote equal access to education, Excelpoint has donated S$3,500 to build a library in the rural areas of China. In line with the Sowers Action Library Donation Project to cultivate reading habits among students in the remote mountainous areas of China, this involvement includes the setting up of an appropriate library catalogue, purchasing of the books and organising volunteers or staff to carry out trainings on library management, student reading schemes etc. With the set-up of the library, students can now build their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

  • Excelpoint participated in the "Energy-Saving Month" Contest 2014 initiated by the building management in hope to join hands with all tenants to promote and practice energy saving. The Group believes that it is essential to take the necessary steps to reduce electricity consumption to combat the rising problems of air pollution and global warming.